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We at BYD Lofts love Designs, Art & Architecture, we constantly follow what is new, and love to see on how we could make improvements to our apartments. Talking about our passion we started daydreaming on what the future might hold:


Architects and interior designers are getting more and more innovative everyday. With technology thriving and modern art taking its architectural toll, luxury living is possible.

But what makes a futuristic luxury boutique apartment? Aside from cutting edge designs earthy tones, sheik household appliances, etc. – there are many aspects that tie into a luxury style suite or home.

With bathrooms generally having the most traffic, many magnificent bathrooms will acquire a built in spa. Pampering its guests with shower jets, shower heads that are reminiscent of a waterfall, and bathtubs that resemble hot tubs – it would not be surprising to a find a towel warmer nearby. Allowing you to let lose in the comfort of your own home after a hard days work, there are ethically sourced sinks and fine quality tiles with colors that relax your mind and spirit.

Having only its guest in mind, every room is made with every possible luxury at their own disposal.

Often, luxury living quarter floor plans remind people of nature's masterpieces. With textures appropriately placed and the finest natural linens at your own convenience. A lot of natural light is utilized and the location is breathtaking.

No doubt, the kitchen is fully stocked with fine foods and the high-techest amenities available. Its appearance is modern and easy on the eyes. The fridge and pantry come equipped with all necessities. Ovens and stovetop can be compared to professional grills and ovens in a high-end restaurant. Wine cellars and outdoor patios with built in kitchen area are likely as well.

Along side outside kitchen and patio come a luxury pool and hot tub – sometimes providing a waterfall to give more of a natural feel. Pool cleaners come by weekly to make sure your pool maintains that clean and alluring sparkle.

Entertainment is important to practically everyone. It should come as no shock that within this lifestyle of grandeur should come an entertainment center. Some prefer an indoor theatre while some invest in a gaming room. No expense is spared.

The bedroom is fit for royalty as fine Egyptian cottons and natural silks infest its quarters. Comfort and amazing interior design are priority. Walk-in closets and or rooms made as closets are ornately and strategically designed.

Modern technology caters each individual’s comfort. There are many innovative resources that help create these luxury boutique living quarters. Technology is an amazing thing. When it is combined with architecture and living, it creates an atmosphere for anyone who needs to relax and vacation in the comfort of his or her own home or luxury suite.

We, at BYD Lofts, strive for luxury and innovation. Our ambitions aim towards technological advances that better the spectacular opulence that hard working people crave in their opportunities of leisure.

With an optimistic outlook and the motivation of customer service, we hope that we will be able to perfect our ideal of luxury, technology and design for now and the future.


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