BYD Lofts’ Line of Custom, Luxury Amenities

As we here at BYD Lofts are constantly working to create an incredibly personalised experience for all our guests, we embarked on a project to develop our own, full range line of custom bath amenities, specially created for both “him” and “her”. These kits were developed over several months, carefully developing a selection of fragrances to truly represent the BYD Lofts frame of mind — the scent of carefree, tropical luxury and a reminder for you to simply soak in the holiday atmosphere of Phuket. Guests will enjoy White Tea for Him and Lychee & Freesia for Her. The line was created in partnership with Prior Thai, a provider of luxury amenities supplying most luxury hotel brands around Asia. Working with Prior Thai, BYD Lofts took part in their customization program which brings personalized and flexible solutions each client, thus creating an original amenities line by choosing among their selection of formulations, fragrances, shapes and materials. The new range of amenities included in your stay at BYD Lofts include Him and Her vanity kits containing:

  • Conditioning shampoo for Her
  • Shower gel for Her
  • Body lotion for Her
  • Conditioning shampoo for Him
  • Shower gel for Him
  • Body lotion for Him
  • Dental kit
  • Razor kit
  • Sewing kit
  • Shower cap


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