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BYD Lofts Visited by Anchorite

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The land now called Thailand has been host to large populations since antiquity; this land is dense with ghosts. So on 09th January 2014, it was BYD lofts’ honor to host the most respected Brahman Anchorite of Phang Nga, our neighbor province.

Like nearly every building in Thailand we have a spirit house: a miniature house on a small pillar to provide a resting place for local ghosts and spirits. The house serves to comfort the benign spirits, making sure that they are satisfied and result in help protect the residence from bad fortunes or malice ghosts.

Thai people are very close to the world of spirits. Many report having seen them at one time or another. To us, keeping favor with the supernatural is not only practical, but essential. Providing ghostly hospitality via the spirit house is also critical to the well-being of the staff, which consequently encourage the continued success of BYD Lofts.

After many years of quality service to our non-corporeal guests, the house is due for an upgrade. Our Anchorite was then ready to provide his professional services: a ceremony to appease the spirits chased from their home by the renovations. A sort of supernatural “pardon our dust” sign. Various food, many bottles of red fanta and powerful chanting were used to mollify and entertain the displaced spirits while construction workers quickly made the required repairs. The ceremony will culminate in the lighting of a long string of Chinese firecrackers.

BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartments, Patong, Phuket Phuket Blog image 1 BYD Lofts Phuket

Amazing Thailand, where ancient tradition and modernity collide in fascinating and sometimes bewildering ways in all aspects of life. Where anchorite is sometimes needed to bless men as they pour concrete. Best seen from a luxurious room at BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel and serviced apartments!

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